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Blue Nile Restaurant Opened in February 2008, Coziest Ethiopian Restaurant at East Danforth. Blue Nile is perfect for almost any event, big or small.

1. Nile Vegan Platter For two
A combination of Splitpeas, Red & Green Lentil, Chickpeas (Shiro), Cabbage, Collard green, Green Beans and Salad.
2. Cabbage Wat
Steamed cabbage and vegetables with onions, seasoned with garlic and ginger.
3. Kik Wat
Steamed split peas with onions, seasoned with garlic and ginger.
4. Gomen
Collard greens steamed and lightly seasoned with garlic.
5. Ye Tsom Firfir
Scrambled pieces of injera with a delicious Berbere sauce, flavoured with garlic, and Ethiopian herbs.
6. Miser Wat
Split lentil in red pepper sauce, seasoned with assorted spices.
7. Chickpea
Split chickpea flour cooked in wat.
8. Shero wat
Cooked chickpea flour sauce blended with red onions, garlic and spices.
9. Fosolia Wat
Sauteed green beans, carrots and onion seasoned with garlic.
10. Doro Wat
Authentic Ethiopian traditional food. Tender chicken cooked in a hot sauce and served with a hard-boiled egg.
11. Doro Tibs
Tender, Marinated pieces of chicken cooked with onions, garlic, tomato, with a touch of rosemary and spices.
27. Nile Platter
combination of vegetarian dishes: (alcha, chickpeas, cabage , miser wat.) meat dishes: (include key wat, alecha wat and Ketfo) arranged on a platter
12. Chacha
Cubes of tenderloin beef meat sauteed with flavoured butter, onions, spices and our chef’s special sauce. Served with salad.
28. Meat Combination For Two
Combination of Key wat, Kitfo, Doro wet, Alicha wat, Gomen be siga and salad.
13. Lamb Kikil
Lamb stew seasoned with lightly seasoned mitmita and tossed in injera.
29. Cornis (Sundry Meat or Cubes Meat)
Combination of Kitfo, Kinche, Ayib and Collard greens with choice of Tebis or sundry meat.
14. Dulet
Carefully prepared lamb tripe and mixed with red meat, diced onion, garlic, jalapeño, a shot of UZO Ethiopian butter and mitmita. It can be ordered raw, medium or well done
30. Asa Tibs (Seasonal)
Tilapia fish served with salad.
15. Key Wat / Alicha Wat
Succulent cubes of sirloin tip meat cooked With onion. (Mild or Spicy)
31. Asa Gulash
Chopped sea bass fish fillet cooked with onions, green & red peppers served with Injera.
16. Lamb Tibs
Succulent cubes of lamb meat cooked with onion in a special sauce.
32. Pasta Tomato
Cooked Pasta sauteed with homemade fresh tomato sauce or meat-based sauce.
17. Beef Tibs
Cubes of tenderloin beef tibs sauteed in our chef’s special sauce lightly cooked. This dish can be prepared hot or mild.
couscous served with ketfo or tibes and comes with a salad.
18. Bozena Shero
Cooked chickpea flour sauced mixed With lightly seasoned cubes of lean beef simmered in berbere sauce, served in a traditional pot.
19. Goden Tibs
Barbecued short ribs served with seasoned salad.
20. Gebaweta / Chekena
Ribeye beef cut into pieces and cooked to perfection, with onion and Jalapeno
21. Misrbesega
Lentils simmered in spicy berbere sauce with cubes of lean beef.
22. Gomenbesega
Tenderloin cubes and lamb bones flavoured with spices and mixed with collard greens.
23. Dinich Be Siga
Cubes of tender meat sauteed with our special hot sauce with cube potatoes.
24. Kitfo Dule
Freshly chopped very lean beef mixed with butter, onions and Jalapeno.
25. Kitfo
Freshly chopped lean beef served raw or very rare mixed with hot spice and spiced butter.
26. Quanta Fir-fir
Sundried meat strips sauteed with onions, garlic sauce soaked with pieces of enjera
White & Red Wines
Blue Nile Restaurant white and Red wines
Domestic Beer
Blue Nile Restaurant Domestic Beer
Imported Beer
Blue Nile Restaurant Imported Beer
IPA Draft Beer
Blue Nile Restaurant IPA Draft Beer
Natural Draft Beer
Blue Nile Restaurant Natural Draft Beer
Premium Draft Beer
Blue Nile Restaurant Premium Draft Beer
House Special Tea
Blue Nile House Special Tea(Best for flu season )
Tea with Ouzo
Blue Nile Restaurant Tea with Ouzo.
Ginger Tea
Blue Nile Restaurant Ginger Tea
Blue Nile Restaurant Macchiato
Blue Nile Restaurant Latte
Regular Coffee
Blue Nile Restaurant Regular Coffee
Espresso Coffee
Blue Nile Restaurant Espresso  Coffee
Blue Nile Restaurant Regular Tea

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
The hostess of an Ethiopian coffee ceremony roasts the coffee beans, creating aromatic smoke.
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