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Blue Nile Restaurant Opened in February 2008, Coziest Ethiopian Restaurant at East Danforth. Blue Nile is perfect for almost any event, big or small.


Our Story

Hello and welcome to Blue Nile Toronto. An authentic Ethiopian restaurant located in the world’s famous city Toronto, at the center of Danforth (Little Ethiopia). We are proud to present to you an exquisite and authentic cuisine from one of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia, a country of three thousand years of history, thirteen months of sunshine and home of the earliest known humankind, Lucy, our ancestor.


“እንብላ (pronounced – “e-ne-b-la”) is a courteous word that you would hear walking into a family home or restaurant while people are eating meals. It means “let us eat together” or “join us for this meal”. It is a profound way of inviting the person to join them to share a meal. As sharing is the center of the communal Ethiopian culture, the word reflects on a similar aspect. Similar to expressions like “the more; the merrier” you would hear the word repeatedly being said to friends, family, or even strangers during meals. It is a heartfelt gesture, and whether there is enough food to accommodate is the irrelevant-as meal of any size is meant to be shared.”

About Blue Nile Restaurant

At Blue Nile will be serving lunch, dinner as well as freshly brewed coffee, Domestic and imported beers, drafts, Liquor and wines. Our spacious restaurant will be able to accommodate groups of any size with love.
Our illustrations at our restaurant will take you to the land of Ethiopia; artworks of different traditional practices, portraits of tribal items of clothing, and huge handmade traditional items and garments are displayed on the walls.

At Blue Nile we provide a warm and radiant hospitality with our new and diverse (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) menu, we bring the authentic flavors of Ethiopian cuisine made with great delicacy and passion.
So, as we are opening our doors to welcome the community, we hope to provide you with an amazing experience that will create a lasting impression of the Ethiopian culture.

Our dishes have always been crafted from authentic recipes, full of delicious flavor. It is with great humility and genuine gesture when we invite you to our to the Blue Nile and say እንብላ“e-ne-b-la”

Traditional Coffee Ceremony

``Coffee has social value in our society. It is deep-rooted in our culture. The coffee ceremony in local areas is used mainly for social gatherings! mornings and evenings. parents, especially mothers gather together for a coffee ceremony and also use it as a platform for exchanging information in their surroundings. It is a means of communication. When people sit down they usually spend two to three hours finalizing the ceremony, starting with the preparation, and then roasting to brewing it.``

At the Blue Nile, We will be serving on your table traditionally roasted & brewed shots of Ethiopian Coffee.

Function Space

Host your function & Event at Blue Nile experience authentic Ethiopian hospitality.

Event & Catering Service

We enjoy getting to know our clients and helping them make their event dreams come true! We offer both buffet and full-service options. We believe that thoughtful planning, delicious food, and exceptional service are the basics for a successful event. We look forward to hearing from you!


WELCOME TO BLUE NILE At Blue Nile we provide a warm and radiant hospitality. SEE OUR MENU RESERVE TABLE

Our Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

Our chefs are all experienced professionals and have cooked in some of the very best kitchens around Addis Ababa and Toronto They all share a passion for food and are here to share their extensive authentic Ethiopian cuisine knowledge with you in our professional kitchen.